About Me

Hello there! Nice to meet you, let me introduce myself.

My name is Maggie, but I have acquired the nickname of Luna through the years (and video games). Call me Loony Luna, Maggie, or hey you, I will usually answer to whatever sounds right.

Originally from Michigan, I moved down to Florida to take part in the Disney College Program and stayed down here a little over 5 years. I moved back to Michigan to get some school under my belt, I even worked at the local library for a while too. After 2 years I thought it was time for me to move out on my own again and here I am back in Orlando. I currently work for the public library, and boy am I happy to be back in my element.

One of the big goals in my life is to get that Masters in Library and Information Systems, with a focus in archival studies, and be a head librarian somewhere. I know it sounds like, 'When I grow up I wants to be a librarian', but really I DO! I feel that it is an under appreciated position in our society and I think that libraries should maintain important place in our communities.

Now that I am off my soap box, hehe, let me talk about my other love. Nail polish! Well really I am a fan of makeup and beauty products in general, but my first love is shiny, pretty, nails. It was not until a few years ago that I really started to get into staying on the edge with new products, designs and fashions, but it really has been so much fun getting into this as a hobby and now sharing it with all of you.

I have a self taught background in web design, far from professional but I am comfortable in many situations. When I was younger my two main hobbies were learning html from the ground up, and working in Adobe Photoshop as much as I could. I still love web and graphic design. I am a perpetual student, always wanting to learn more.

After maintaining a personal blog for many years I thought it was time to move on to larger pastures. I previously attempted a blog that incorporated my love of nail polish and beer, there are so many varieties of each that they really make a beautiful pair. But after a little while it just was just not the right niche for me.

I feel that Luminescent Luna is going to bring a home to my love of everything above, and some other geeky things. My main focus is beauty products but as I come across new and favorite stuff, or techniques to do the same old things I will definitely share as I try them out.

I cannot wait to see where things go. I am so happy that you are here to join me on this journy, I am looking forward to the future and all the beauty it holds! ^_~

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