Tuesday, April 17, 2012


In my April Birchbox I received a sample of Zoya nail polish. One of the many things I love about getting Birchbox are these polish samples. I've gotten 6 or 7 over the last nine months or so, and it is just a little bump in my nail polish addiction. I'll post a pic once I get things unpacked and put up on shelves.

This color is Bevin, and it is from the 2012 Spring Collection - True. The sample is half the normal bottle, 0.25fl oz. and values for $4.00 us.

Onto the swatch!
Natural Light - daytime
Flash - nighttime

Full Size - Mitzi  /  Sample Size - Bevin

I like this color, it is a very soft teal color, almost like a grey teal, and will look good with most of my clothes. I cant wait to see what fun designs I can use this in ^_^ A direct link to the color - Bevin!

I love me some Zoya nail polish, it always seems to last a little longer and is additive free, so it is a little more friendly than some others.

Hope you like this and cannot wait to post more colors!

Monday, April 16, 2012

April Birchbox

It's that time of month again! Birchbox Time!! ^_^
I was a little greedy last month and wanted to get both my regular and the Teen Vogue boxes. I was pleasantly surprised with both boxes and totally worth it. So this month is the last one that I'm getting two boxes, I am a little sad but maybe in the future I will get it again, or maybe another sample box if I can find one that stands up to Birchbox.
Double the fun!

Original Box - BB 1.0
In here we have: (brand - product - value of sample)
  • Befine - Sampler of Cleanser and Moisturizer  -  $4.79/$15.00
  • WEI - White Lotus Hydrating Face Treatment Pad  - $11.33
  • Taylor Swift - Wonderstruck  -  $1.16
  • Zoya - Bevin True Collection  -  $4
  • MicrodermaMitt - Face Mitt  -  $28.50

Total Value: $64.78

2nd Box - BB 2.0

In this box we have: (brand - product - value of sample)
  • Atelier Cologne - Orange Sanguine Cologne Absolue  -  $2.75
  • Erno Laszlo - Active pHelityl Soap  -  $6.66 or $3.33 (I couldn't find the size of the sample so these are the value if the sample was 1oz or 0.5oz - it is a very small sample)
  • Juice Beauty - Oil-Free Moisturizer  -  $2.38
  • Pür Minerals - 4-in-1 Mineral Tinted Moisturizer  -  $6.00
  • MicrodermaMitt - Body Mitt  -  $28.50

Total Value: $46.29/42.96

Everything together

Very excited to give things a try! I'm happy to get another Atelier Cologne, I received the Vanille Insensée which is AMAZING. I would love to give all of their scents a sniff! I tried to figure out the values of everything right, but I may be off a little on some but all in all, paying $20 for $100 worth of product is so worth it.

I will swatch things and give a more detailed review of products, I have Bevin on right now and I'll post on it tomorrow, as well as the scents as I wear them through the day.

I'm looking forward to seeing my friend's Birchboxes. I'm getting more and more of my friends into it and I love to see the differences in the products. ^_^

Off to bed tonight, see you all tomorrow!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Don't run away just yet!

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you! I'm getting nails done as we speak! The last to weeks have been a little hectic, breaking my ankle and then un-breaking, crutches to boot. So I guess this was a horrible time to get a blog set up but I swear it's coming. ^_^

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oh Hai!

Hello! So here I am again, starting a super cool awesome blog. ^_^ This time I promise to post more often!

The goal of this blog is to post about things that brighten my day. Make-up, beauty & lifestyle products, art, food and fun things to do with friends. It's a little bit of everything!