Saturday, November 30, 2013


The first time that I was introduced to this brand was in a Birchbox last summer. The last product I had the pleasure to sample was the Supergoop! City Sunscreen Serum. It is a great product to wear under your makeup to add that layer of amazing sun protection.

This time I got a little tube of their Supergoop! Daily Correct SPF 35 CC Cream in Light/Medium.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nipple Lips?

Yeah, nipple lips. I said it, and you'll want them too. Okay not really nipples on your lips, but the Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips is something that you will want!

I'll throw it out there up front, I was a little weary about this product. Like really? What is Birchbox sending me. But, I was pleasantly surprised. The product is pretty thick and a little goes a long way so keep that in mind, the sample size that I got will last me quite a while. Once it's on, it is the perfect lip balm. Not too sticky and super moisturizing. It makes a great base for any color I add on top.

This miracle salve is made from 100% medical grade Lanolin. No alcohol, no parabens, no color and no perfumes. Poking around I'm seeing all sorts of other things to use this product for, including but not limited to:
  • Prep dry skin before applying foundation for a more even look.
  • Shaping eyebrows
  • Perfect to get glitter to stay in place
  • Help prevent dry cuticles
  • Helps with small cuts, burns and abrasions
  • Helps sore noses from blowing 
  • And of course, helps soothe sore nipples from breastfeeding
  • Plus many, many other uses...
When this little tube runs out I will definitely be getting a full size. A little on the pricy side for just a lip balm, but looking at all of the other uses that you can use this for, it doesn't seem too bad. A full size is 0.5 fl oz and will put you back $14.50.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dark N' Stormy Chocolate

Man I would love to see what that would taste like! Today I have two November Birchbox items to share.

I'm going to jump right into the samples. My favorite thing to get in any sort of box is of course, the nail polish! This time it was Dark N' Stormy from the Color Club's Cocktail Hour collection. It is a gunmetal gray, with a nice metallic finish to it. The formula with Color Club is pretty consistent, there is good coverage with one coat, two smooths it out and you're good to go. I recently have been purchasing a lot of grays and navy colors so this fits right into the gap that I had left for my fall colors.

The Cocktail Hour collection also includes On The Rocks, a bright and shiny silver, and Top Shelf, a shimmery peach-copper. All are perfect shades for the holiday season!

Full size for Color Club shades on Birchbox are, $8.00

Time for the CHOCOLATE! Running a close second to nail polish are delicious sweets. This time it was a FULL size Ghirardelli chocolate bar is the flavor, Mint Cookie. Now think about that....yup, that is exactly what it is. This is a bar of delicious chocolate wrapped around a mint cookie, yes like Thin Mint cookies dipped in chocolate! It has that rich milk chocolate that everyone is familiar with from the Ghirardelli brand, and then on top of the minty goodness inside there is a cookie crunch! It's a texture thing, and I like it. There was another flavor that they were sampling this month and it was Toffee Crunch, the roommate got it in her box and they ate it right up!

 I wanted to share at work so I kind of felt like a chocolate dealer with the foil package asking people if they wanted a hit of the mint cookie chocolate. Of course now they all want it, lol.

A full size will put you back between $3 and $5? I'm not actually sure what a chocolate bar goes for, but I'm sure that it depends on your area and availability and all that.

This is the Week of the Doctor! So I have been doing a set of Doctor Who inspired nails in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the show. I cannot wait to sit back and relax and watch on Saturday. I'll post a collective of what I came up with over the weekend. Keep and eye out for the rest of my November Birchbox goodies and ALLON-SY! ^_~

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Birchbox Time!

This month as another amazing box, with a whopping six items to enjoy! The format that I used last month worked really well for me that I think I'm going to stick with it. So, on with the good stuff!

November 2013 holds:

  • Ghirardelli Chocolate Bar - Mint Cookie
  • Dr. Lipp - Original Nipple Balm for Lips
  • Supergoop! - Daily Correct SPF 35 CC Cream
  • It's a 10 - Miracle Leave-In-Product
  • Juicy Couture - Viva La Juicy Noir
  • Color Club - Cocktail Hour Dark N' Stormy

There isn't too much to the post but I did want to touch base and let you know what was coming!

I feel like I'm behind a bit, I was tied up for a week in court for jury duty selection so I was absent from a lot of media. Right now I'm fighting a chest cold, and fingers crossed relaxing this weekend will help shake that.

As you can see I am excited to jump into this month's box, and to be honest that chocolate bar was gone the other night when I opened it up ^_~ 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Girl's Best Friend...

...a sale!

Let me start by saying that I am an Urban Decay junkie! I have an entire drawer dedicated to their products. I still remember my first eye shadow pot I got from them. From the moment that I started to get into makeup they were always there for me ^_^

They recently updated the sale/clearance page and I was able to pick up some things that I had my eye on for quite some time. The big catch I got was (and it is still available) the Wizard of OZ Glenda Palette. Before there was also a Thoedora Palette, it was more greens and browns with a bright red Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color. Even at $49 it is a great value for what you get. But now it is marked down half off, that is right...only $24! If you are not familiar with the Glenda palette this is what it looks like. One of these days I will get my camera working and post my own photo, but for is a lovely stock photo from

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

ChapStick & Joie!

The last two items that were hidden in my Birchbox, was the perfume & the find of the month; ChapStick.

Let's start with the perfume. The name is Folle de Joie eau de Parfume, meaning crazy with joy, by Joie. This is really a great, light woodsy perfume. It is something right up my ally in terms of something that I could wear all day, or even out for a date. The scent profile looks like this, on top there are citrus and light woodsy floral notes. The middle notes are of jasmine and rose. To round it out, there is leather and deep wood notes. Minus the jasmine and rose, everything I just wrote makes me a little excited. Since finding my current perfume oil company I have been a little more picky about what I wear, and this will go into the mix. At the moment I have so much perfume to go through so I will not be purchasing a full size right now, but it will definitely be an option in the future. The price is on par with any fancy perfume, but I say it's worth it!

Full size is 3.4 fl oz for $98.00

The Birchbox find this month was the ChapStick Hydration Lock. This comes from a brand that everyone is familiar with, from young to old everyone has some stashed away somewhere. This boasts a new formula that gives up to 8 hours of hydrating protection! The formula includes CoQ10 & vitamin E, for a super rich texture and protection from the harsh colder seasons. The scent/flavor is Vanilla Creme, and it is rather lovely. I can be a little picky about what I put on my lips, I usually go for mint, or vanilla. This was tossed in the box for an added extra, the good thing about the "Finds" is that it does not count against your original samples. The better part is like a bonus 10 points once you give a quick review.

Full size of this will throw you back somewhere between $3 & $5, and you can find it in your local pharmacy or most places you shop for makeup.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Liz Earle Cleanser and Cloth

Two totally new products I had a chance to sample in my October Birchbox was the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser and the Pure Muslin Cloth.

Liz Earle is a UK brand that Birchbox welcomed into their family in October. Other than online, I think there is only one other place that is currently selling the Liz Earle line in the US, so that is pretty exciting!

Usually the first thing I do when I get a new face product is smell it, I know it sounds weird but I'm rubbing this stuff into my face and near my nose so I have to like it at least a little. The fragrance mostly comes from the blend of rosemary and eucalyptus essential oil. There is a very herbal smell to it, not super strong and pretty pleasant.

I also received one of the muslin cloths to go with the cleanser. At first I was skeptical, I took the cloth out of the box and it was hard. Luckily when it got down to business, and into some hot water, it loosened up and was perfect.

The one thing I really like about the face cleanser is that it doesn't act like a normal face wash. You apply the product like a face cream, rub into your skin in a circular motion. Follow this up with the muslin cloth, run it through hot water and wipe away the cleanser. This two step process not only cleans all of the dirt and grime, but using the cloth will exfoliate the skin.

A full size of the face cleanser is 3.3 fl oz for $21.50 & for 2 of the Pure Muslin Cloths it is $6.00. I will throw this out there that there is a starter kit with the cleanser and 2 cloths for $24.50, so it will save you a little money.

I love that I had a chance to try this great new product, and brand, but right now I am pretty content with my face wash/exfoliating routine. I will not be currently adding this to bathroom collection, but who knows...I may change my mind ^_~

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Pillow soft curls!

One of my other favorite things I got in my October Bitchbox is the Miss Jessie's Original Pillow Soft Curls cream.

 I do not have super curly hair, well not anymore at least, now I have (on my best day) super wavy hair. I tried this stuff out abut a week ago, and I was surprised at how soft my hair was after I used it! With all air the bleaching and processing I have put my hair through recently, it made my hair super soft. As for the curl was okay. It definitely made the waves more bouncy and defined than they usually are, which is nice considering how damaged my hair is.

After a shower towel dry your hair, and while it is still damp put in about a nickel/quarter size amount all through your hair. Scrunch it up with your hands and let it air dry, or use a blow dryer, and you are ready to go. You can also use this to refresh your curls if your hair is already dry too. Just dampen your hair a bit and massage in some more product, let it air dry and you're good!

The only downside I found was the smell. I really felt that I smelled like my grandma >.< While I love my grandmas, I dont necessarily want to smell like them. I worry that it would effect any perfume that I was wearing for the day.

On a scale of 1 - 10, I would give this a 7. It is something that I would recommend to someone with curly hair, but the smell really kills it for me. Maybe I could find the right fragrance to layer with it and it wouldn't stand out so much.

A full size is 8.5 fl oz for $22.00 in the Birchbox shop.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Aqua Gloss - POP Beauty

In this month's Birchbox I was very lucky to get a full size product from POP Beauty.

I have now added the POP Beauty Aqua Lacquer in the color Flowering Fuchsia to my collection of lip glosses. I am happy to have a chance to try this brand & product, I see it when I walk into Ulta and I want to buy something from them every time I'm in there. The colors are fun and it seems like a neat brand.

The size of the product is great, and the color is sheer, so don't let the word Fuchsia throw you off too much. It is really the perfect glossy shade for me, not too much color but not clear.

As excited as I was to try the Aqua is something that I actually was very underwhelmed by.
There were a few things that I found I did not like, the first being right on the Birchbox product page it says, "Sticky lip gloss is high up on our list of beauty pet peeves, right next to cakey concealer and smudgy mascara. One gust of wind, and your hair is stuck all over your lips", this is seriously some of the stickiest lip gloss that has ever graced these lips. 
I tried it out a few times and I could not keep it on for more than an hour without driving myself insane. The next issue I had was with the applicator, it is not your typical flocked wand this is a paddle. A very flexible, almost to the point that when the lip gloss was too sticky to apply I thought it was going to break off. Now I like different things, but for the thickness that the product is I don't think that this was the right applicator for it. 

For a full size this product is 0.34 fl oz for $14.00
Will I buy this product? No. Will this keep me away from trying other POP Beauty products? No, there are so many other things they make that I would love to try. Nail polish and lip stains are on my list.

One down, and five more to go! ^_~