Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nipple Lips?

Yeah, nipple lips. I said it, and you'll want them too. Okay not really nipples on your lips, but the Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips is something that you will want!

I'll throw it out there up front, I was a little weary about this product. Like really? What is Birchbox sending me. But, I was pleasantly surprised. The product is pretty thick and a little goes a long way so keep that in mind, the sample size that I got will last me quite a while. Once it's on, it is the perfect lip balm. Not too sticky and super moisturizing. It makes a great base for any color I add on top.

This miracle salve is made from 100% medical grade Lanolin. No alcohol, no parabens, no color and no perfumes. Poking around I'm seeing all sorts of other things to use this product for, including but not limited to:
  • Prep dry skin before applying foundation for a more even look.
  • Shaping eyebrows
  • Perfect to get glitter to stay in place
  • Help prevent dry cuticles
  • Helps with small cuts, burns and abrasions
  • Helps sore noses from blowing 
  • And of course, helps soothe sore nipples from breastfeeding
  • Plus many, many other uses...
When this little tube runs out I will definitely be getting a full size. A little on the pricy side for just a lip balm, but looking at all of the other uses that you can use this for, it doesn't seem too bad. A full size is 0.5 fl oz and will put you back $14.50.

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