Monday, November 4, 2013

Liz Earle Cleanser and Cloth

Two totally new products I had a chance to sample in my October Birchbox was the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser and the Pure Muslin Cloth.

Liz Earle is a UK brand that Birchbox welcomed into their family in October. Other than online, I think there is only one other place that is currently selling the Liz Earle line in the US, so that is pretty exciting!

Usually the first thing I do when I get a new face product is smell it, I know it sounds weird but I'm rubbing this stuff into my face and near my nose so I have to like it at least a little. The fragrance mostly comes from the blend of rosemary and eucalyptus essential oil. There is a very herbal smell to it, not super strong and pretty pleasant.

I also received one of the muslin cloths to go with the cleanser. At first I was skeptical, I took the cloth out of the box and it was hard. Luckily when it got down to business, and into some hot water, it loosened up and was perfect.

The one thing I really like about the face cleanser is that it doesn't act like a normal face wash. You apply the product like a face cream, rub into your skin in a circular motion. Follow this up with the muslin cloth, run it through hot water and wipe away the cleanser. This two step process not only cleans all of the dirt and grime, but using the cloth will exfoliate the skin.

A full size of the face cleanser is 3.3 fl oz for $21.50 & for 2 of the Pure Muslin Cloths it is $6.00. I will throw this out there that there is a starter kit with the cleanser and 2 cloths for $24.50, so it will save you a little money.

I love that I had a chance to try this great new product, and brand, but right now I am pretty content with my face wash/exfoliating routine. I will not be currently adding this to bathroom collection, but who knows...I may change my mind ^_~

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