Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dark N' Stormy Chocolate

Man I would love to see what that would taste like! Today I have two November Birchbox items to share.

I'm going to jump right into the samples. My favorite thing to get in any sort of box is of course, the nail polish! This time it was Dark N' Stormy from the Color Club's Cocktail Hour collection. It is a gunmetal gray, with a nice metallic finish to it. The formula with Color Club is pretty consistent, there is good coverage with one coat, two smooths it out and you're good to go. I recently have been purchasing a lot of grays and navy colors so this fits right into the gap that I had left for my fall colors.

The Cocktail Hour collection also includes On The Rocks, a bright and shiny silver, and Top Shelf, a shimmery peach-copper. All are perfect shades for the holiday season!

Full size for Color Club shades on Birchbox are, $8.00

Time for the CHOCOLATE! Running a close second to nail polish are delicious sweets. This time it was a FULL size Ghirardelli chocolate bar is the flavor, Mint Cookie. Now think about that....yup, that is exactly what it is. This is a bar of delicious chocolate wrapped around a mint cookie, yes like Thin Mint cookies dipped in chocolate! It has that rich milk chocolate that everyone is familiar with from the Ghirardelli brand, and then on top of the minty goodness inside there is a cookie crunch! It's a texture thing, and I like it. There was another flavor that they were sampling this month and it was Toffee Crunch, the roommate got it in her box and they ate it right up!

 I wanted to share at work so I kind of felt like a chocolate dealer with the foil package asking people if they wanted a hit of the mint cookie chocolate. Of course now they all want it, lol.

A full size will put you back between $3 and $5? I'm not actually sure what a chocolate bar goes for, but I'm sure that it depends on your area and availability and all that.

This is the Week of the Doctor! So I have been doing a set of Doctor Who inspired nails in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the show. I cannot wait to sit back and relax and watch on Saturday. I'll post a collective of what I came up with over the weekend. Keep and eye out for the rest of my November Birchbox goodies and ALLON-SY! ^_~

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