Friday, November 1, 2013

Aqua Gloss - POP Beauty

In this month's Birchbox I was very lucky to get a full size product from POP Beauty.

I have now added the POP Beauty Aqua Lacquer in the color Flowering Fuchsia to my collection of lip glosses. I am happy to have a chance to try this brand & product, I see it when I walk into Ulta and I want to buy something from them every time I'm in there. The colors are fun and it seems like a neat brand.

The size of the product is great, and the color is sheer, so don't let the word Fuchsia throw you off too much. It is really the perfect glossy shade for me, not too much color but not clear.

As excited as I was to try the Aqua is something that I actually was very underwhelmed by.
There were a few things that I found I did not like, the first being right on the Birchbox product page it says, "Sticky lip gloss is high up on our list of beauty pet peeves, right next to cakey concealer and smudgy mascara. One gust of wind, and your hair is stuck all over your lips", this is seriously some of the stickiest lip gloss that has ever graced these lips. 
I tried it out a few times and I could not keep it on for more than an hour without driving myself insane. The next issue I had was with the applicator, it is not your typical flocked wand this is a paddle. A very flexible, almost to the point that when the lip gloss was too sticky to apply I thought it was going to break off. Now I like different things, but for the thickness that the product is I don't think that this was the right applicator for it. 

For a full size this product is 0.34 fl oz for $14.00
Will I buy this product? No. Will this keep me away from trying other POP Beauty products? No, there are so many other things they make that I would love to try. Nail polish and lip stains are on my list.

One down, and five more to go! ^_~

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