Thursday, October 31, 2013

Birchbox - October!

My second month back and I already am reminded of why I loved getting these boxes! I was graced with some amazing samples this month and I cannot wait to share.

A quick run through of what I got in my box, and then I will follow that up with individual posts for each item as I try it out.

This month included:

See! Awesome huh? And two of those are full sized ^_^

Take a look at my crappy quality instagram flick

Another bonus I didn't mention last month is, with Birchbox if you go and review the products you receive on their site, you get 10 points for each item. Every 100 points you earn you get $10 in the Birchbox store. Every dollar you spend is equal to 1 point too. Basically you can rack up 100 points every 2 or 3 months if you keep up with it! And if you forget, which I have been known to do, I have emailed customer service my review and they have given me credit after. You have a year to spend your points, so really you could end up with $50+ to spend, just for answering a few questions about the items you got.

I do have to say that the customer service at Birchbox is really some of the most amazing that I have dealt with. They are super accommodating, if something gets mixed up they fix it and then some! I have had items come in broken, and if they can they will replace it. In one case it was out of stock and they gave me 100 points, that's $10 for a sample that broke! They are super nice, and awesome to talk to at any time.

Stay tuned...same Looney channel, same Looney time! ^_~

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