Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The return of BIRCHBOX!

Let me tell you how excited that I was when I finally decided to return to regular shipments with my BirchBox! Ok...I was REALLY excited! ^_^

I convinced my roommate to get one last summer, and a few months later I stopped getting mine. It was a way to save a little money and cut back on some of the luxury items that I didn't necessarily need. Well with my new job, I have a little more wiggle room and I thought this would be a lovely little gift to myself for getting a 'Big Girl' job.

Let the fun begin!  
As a side note : I did not take any photos of my box last month so I will be using stock photos from the BirchBox web site. 

The first item I grabbed was a fairly large bottle. This was the Davines This Is a Sea Salt Spray. The bottle is 100ml, which is close to 1/2 full size. It is your basic texture spray for your hair to get a look like you just walked off the beach with awesome hair! I really enjoyed seeing the body it gave my curls. Another amazing thing I loved about this spray was the smell. It is a deep, luxurious vanilla scent and I cannot get enough of it. FULL SIZE of this item is 250ml for $27.00

Next up is the RUFFIAN Nail Lacquer. This is from the fashion label RUFFIAN and this is from the launch of their nail polish collection. Everyone received this for the month of September in one of the 3 colors that were crowdsourced by Birchbox. The three colors were Delirium, a bright purple with metalic finish, Fox  Hunt, a true orange with a little shimmer, & Hedge Fund, an olive with gold shimmer. (This one makes me want to say, 'it's so money!') I had the pleasure to receive Fox Hunt, the photo below doesn't really do it justice. It is a little brighter orange, but it is not too bright. Actually it is a great transition between summer, that can be super bright, and fall colors, which can be super dull. The formula is great, goes on very smooth, and that rounded handle is a lot easier to work with than you would think. FULL SIZE is .17oz and goes for $10.00

Inside a little blue pillow box was the nail polish and the Grand Central Beauty S.M.A.R.T. Skin Perfecting™ Polisher. Now this is a teeny tiny bottle, maybe an inch high, but it looks like it is the right size to get about 2 or 3 uses out of it. S.M.A.R.T. stands for, Smooths, Moisturizes, Anti-Aging, Redness-Reducing, and Tones. The product is meant to do all of those things with a blend of fruit extracts and other stuff. This is something different, it is somewhere between your facewash/scrub and a toner. You apply to clean, dry skin and rub for 30 seconds, then you can rinse or just wipe off excess and be on your way out the door, or start your normal beauty routine for the day. I have tried this once and it is interesting. I'm going to use up the bottle and make a post with an update about how I feel about it after a few uses and let you know. FULL SIZE is 1 fl. oz for $38.00

Next up, Le Couvent des Minimes Gardener's Hand Healer. To be honest I did not try this, I needed some quick little gifts for a swap I was doing and this went straight into the box. I'm sure it was delightful and I will check to see what my swappee thinks of it. This is what the packaging and the Birchbox product page say about this lovely product.
The salve offers a high concentration of shea butter, which repairs, regenerates, and protects skin. In addition, a cocktail of seven plants provides a host of other benefits: Mimosa repairs, verbena revitalizes, rosemary serves as an antioxidant, lemon balm offers antibacterial protection, chamomile and marshmallow soothe irritation and inflammation, and marigold serves as an antiseptic.  FULL SIZE is 2.6 oz for $19.00

Last but not least is the GlamNatural™ Cream Blush. This is a highly concentrated cream blush, and I received 3 small packets with different shades to try out. The shades I had were Sun Kissed (pink and maybe a little orange), Ashley Ashley (light pink), & You Make Me Blush (more of a berry tone). Each packet gives you enough for a couple applications. The product blends out beautifully, and maybe I blend it out too well, lol, or maybe I was just using a shade too light for what I wanted. I usually use BeneTint or PosieTint, those are tried and true. This I just don't think is a product for me, but I do have the You Make Me Blush sample up for grabs if anyone is interested. FULL SIZE is 0.5fl oz for $32.00

***Again, these are not my photos. I pulled these photos from the Birchbox web site, and I encourage you to go check out these items!!***

For those who are not familiar with Birchbox here is just a little bit of info.
Birchbox is a monthly sample box that brings 4 - 5 deluxe beauty and lifestyle samples right to your door! The cost is $10 a month, or $110 a year (you get a month free!). Once you sign up you fill out a questionare to set up your prefferences, from what your skin & hair type is to what you're kind of looking to get out of the box, mom friendly things, anti aging, edgy new products. From there you wait for your first box to ship, and while you wait you can browse the shop, the monthly magazine, or check out their blog! All are filled with tips and tricks and amazing new products. My personal favorite part of this community that they have created are the YouTube videos of all the lovely ladies 'un-boxing' every month and seeing what they got too, not everyone gets the same thing! OOOH...they now have a Birchbox Man too, and no they don't get lip gloss and eyeliner, but they do get fun tech stuff, grooming items and things to make them smell great! My brother is currently getting the Man box so I will try to post what he has been getting too!

Being a Birchbox customer has allowed me to try new products and things that I have always been too scared to try, like high cost items that I was afraid I wouldn't like them and I would be stuck with a $40 foundation >.<

If you are interested in checking it out, even just to take a peak head on over BIRCHBOX!

Because I am getting back in the swing, and it has been a while since I have posted a box I gave you the LONG story, next month & so on will be the short and sweet stuff ^_~

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