Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My hair story...I'm PURPLE!

...Well it is more of a lilac/silver/blonde mix, but NEW HAIR! This made me so excited to have something new upon my head.

My hair story is a long, but fun one. It all started with a streak. lol

I was born with blonde hair and from a young age I was taken into the salon for perms. Until about 10 I had light to medium blonde and it just settled at an ashy dark blonde/light brown. Around the age of 8 or 10 or somewhere in there. I had only experienced the super semi permanent hair colors, cool-aid, markers, or hair mascara. Jump ahead to 14, I bought one of those cool hair frosting kits that came with the cap, a hook and bleach. After badgering my mom about it she said I could do a little, well that meant a lot in my world so after it was all over, I still had my hair, but I looked more like rogue. 2 very wide, bright blonde streaks right along my fringe. I really regretted it at first, but it grew on me.
After, my that my mom figured I couldn't do much worse so long as it was semi I could do it. Then came my first tub of manic panic in vampire red, I remember it like it was yesterday. I had many tubs of color back in the day, and usually you could not see it too much because my hair was darker, but I was happy with it. Into my senior year in high school I started playing with at home hair dye kits. I knew nothing of the dangers or what damage I was doing to my hair, all I knew was that it looked cool.
When I was out of high school I had purple/burgundy hair, and I also got a job with a big theme park that likes their employees to be more on the natural side. Well that was a fun process...with a very persistent mother, she took me to the salon for 2 days to get the color striped and a more natural look put in.
While working for the parks I kept a fairly natural look, usually going darker in the winter months and letting the sun lighten me in the summer. Wanting to keep my hair in somewhat good condition so it was more manageable in the humidity, I usually used Clairol Natural Instincts. It is a non-permanent, no ammonia, lasts 28 shampoos, and really left my hair feeling pretty awesome when I used it.

I moved home after my last job down here had closed its doors, looking for something fun and with Dragon*Con swiftly coming up I fell in love with the idea of having dreadlocks. I have always liked them on other people, and would never commit to them myself so I was fully committed to researching and making my own synthetic dreads. That was an amazing and fun process, blending the hair and all the work that went into it, made it so rewarding. I can always do a tutorial on that one. When I knew I had enough locks to get a full head I went home from work one night, this was working at the library back home, with hair like above and spend the better part of the weekend and braided in each lock myself. I didn't leave my room until I was done, in fear of that judgmental look you get from your family when even you know you're doing something crazy. I really should have taken more photos because I really enjoyed these.

I ended up installing these almost 2 months before the convention. I was really worried that I was going to need to redo the braids because of regrowth. Everything worked out, but by the last night of the con I was cutting out the rubberbands and my locks went home in a suitcase. Then my hair looked like this.

Before I had the locks braided in I had wonderful, thick, voluminous hair. I think I lost about 1/2 of the volume I had before. There was a lot of hair lost in this process, it took me a while to get back to a place I felt good about my hair again.
As you can see, the color red has stuck with me. My next jump is about six months after D*con brings us to spring 2011...this is where I fully committed to red.

I loved this and it has stuck with me for a very, very long time. The next change was about 2 years later when I moved back to Florida and I decided that going back to a natural look would be needed to get a job with a theme park again. Luckily the same day I was called and offered a job there, I was also offered a job somewhere more awesome and I knew that even working part time I would be making the same money as minimum wage, full time, and horrible traffic. The choice was simple.
After I secured the job, I made sure that it was within dress code to have fun hair and I was given an enthusiastic THUMBS UP! About a year ago I played with the red, but swimming so much took a real toll on the upkeep so I let it fade and went blue! My regrowth stayed red, so when I went blue it went purple. Here I used the new, at the time, ION Color Brilliance in teal. It looked awesome!

You can't see my roots, but I looked like Sully from Monsters Inc. in the best way possible though! I let that fade, and while interviewing for internal positions I was reminded gently that my hair may have an effect on if people would want me working with them. So when my hair needed to be re-dyed I took their advice, back to natural brown :( But I got this job! I don't think my hair had anything to do with it, I am just pretty awesome ^_^
Last weekend I went crazy and did this.

Which lead to this.

It has toned down a bit. I was looking more for a silver tone, but the lilac is actually growing on me. We shall see how my hair evolves. Today I managed to put it up with no ties and it kinda looks all fancy. The only thing I need now is dry shampoo and I'll be happier. I just noticed that Bumble and Bumble has a new hair powder out, needs to try!

I am getting Birchbox again! That was one of my little perks to myself for getting this job. I took a peak at what is coming, and I'm very excited to see a sea salt spray for my hair! Cannot wait to share my goodies with you all ^_~

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