Monday, September 23, 2013


The other big thing in my life right now is soap!

I know I mentioned it before really quick but let me go more into what I am working on.

Years ago a friend and I were playing with M&P soap, and so off an on for about 10 years I would pick it up and make stuff and not really do anything with it. A few weeks ago I was gifted a bunch of samples from a perfume oil company, The Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. I used some of those doubles, or triple, samples to fragrance some soap and to play with it more. But this time I went more into it. actually figuring out how many ounces of soap are in each mini bar, taking notes of quantitiy of fragrance to soap and the proper ratios to make sure the smells came out just right, not too strong not too weak. The real fun math part came last week when I was figuing out cost to make v. how much to retail. I even went into how much it would cost for color per .75oz mini bar would be. I like math, and as long as I am awake I can do the math too.

Inspired by a chat with the LadyWench and Manwench, I think that I'm going to gather things and put together a Kickstarter.

I have everything layed out, the only 2 things I'm missing. Those are the proper sccent profiles for each soap, and a brand name.  >.< I really didn't think that coming up with a name for my storefront would be so difficult but it is! So I'm working on it, and anything that I come accross I double check to make sure that it isn't already being used at some other e-commerce location.

I think that my concept for the soaps is amazing and I'm really looking forward to getting the ball rolling. There are a few places out there that sell some of the same things, but not on the scale or exclusivity that I want to target at a certain demo. See I'm using big words too ^_^

As soon as I get things moving with that YOU will be the first to know! I think I'm more excited at the idea of doing hot and cold process soaps too. The chemical and dangerous side of it really intreague me and the more I research it the more I want to do ^_~

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