Saturday, September 15, 2012

NOTD for the week of 9/9

If you could see the drafts I have in here you would think, 'Hey girl, I know you're busy but you type a lot and people want to read these. I'm not worried though, I know you want to make them the thorough and informative. I cannot wait to see what you show me.' I can see a cute Ryan Gossling photo to put that on, lol.

Here is my week in nails!


Sinful Color - Cream Pink, Color Club - Lava Lamp, Zoya - Phoebe & Zoya - Mitzi

I have been in an 80's mood lately and this takes the cake. Funky angles and fun colors, that is what it is all about!


China Glaze - Stone Cold, Zoya - Phoebe & Zoya - Mitzi

Not so 80's but just as funky, Stone Cold is one of my new loves!


Nails: Deborah Lippman - Footloose & Lips: OCC Lip Tar - NSFW

I snagged this OCC Lip Tar while getting some retail therapy this weekend and I am HOOKED! This really is the perfect shade of red for my skin tone, and it matches my hair too! I was in a red mood this day.


Orly - Buried Alive

Did you know that Thursday was National Chocolate Day? Yum! I walk into work and there was Pocky and other chocolate goodies to munch on, it was a good day.


Zoya - Mitzi & Funky Fingers - Sand and Stilettos

I fought with myself on this one, I like it but I am not in love. Getting ready for work I was hoping for more sun to get the full effect of the holographic, but I was welcomed by clouds and rain for a few hours. Gotta love Florida weather. This was a great pick me up to the dreary day it turned out to be.

This week I used the CRAP out of my Zoya Mitzi & Phoebe. I have had them for over a year now and I really enjoy them, but sometimes it is hard to work in a neon, and a matte neon at that. 

These are always posted to my twitter, instagram, and tumbr first. I think it is nice to see them all together like this though. Makes me feel somewhat accomplished about taking the time to get it all done and have something cute for work.

These weekly posts make the week go by fast, even if I am not getting reviews out. It makes me feel like I am getting something done, and giving you all something to check out. Hope to see you all soon and working on Doctor Who nails as we speak ^_~

Sunday, September 9, 2012

NOTD - for the week of 9/2

Getting back in the swing of things, and I really REALLY love nail art. Something subtle to the more complex. Here is a journey through my week, and I hope to keep snagging photos of fun art, or just random colors I pick for the day!


In honor of the Asylum of the Daleks
(Nerd Laquer - I think you call me...Sexy, Finger Paints - Primary Color, & random black striper)


Getting into the Halloween spirit early, rawr!
(OPI - Chopsticking to my story, China Glaze - Stone Cold, random black striper)


Just a touch of sparkle!
(Zoya - Phoebe & OPI - Last Friday Night)


Everyday is good for leopard print!
(China Glaze - Fast Track, black striper, & various neon colors) 


Dots! Dots! Moar Dots!
(Zoya - Dove & about 6 other colors ^_^ )


Secrets, secrets don't make friends!
(Color Club - Lava Lamp & Fantasy Makers - Go with the Glow)

I only missed one day, *pat on the back* I really hope you enjoyed the week, and I will see you all soon! ^_~

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


As you've noticed I have not been posting my boxes. A mix of horrible timing and me being lazy, my box posts have suffered. Do not fret, while I don't have my pictures. I will give a whole rundown of July and August.

July 2012 - (sample - brand - full size price)
  • Hello (perfume) - Harvey Prince - $55 (50ml)
  • Sunscreen Serum (2 packets) - Supergoop - $42 (1.6fl oz)
  • Bamboo UV+ Color Protector - Alterna - $24 (2.5 floz)
  • Liquid Eyeliner - Eyeko - $15 (0.07fl oz)
  • Earbuds - Birchbox Exclusive - $10 **Extra Treat**

There are a few things that I really enjoyed in here. The ear buds are fun neon colors and work great. Hello, is a great perfume. The sample came with a pump top, and the scent on top is a nice blend of citrus and floral, very light, and under I pick up the vanilla and musk notes. It is something that I could wear on a semi regular basis and not get tired of it, I would not even keep it strictly as a seasonal scent either.
I received the Eyeko eyeliner in Black, the color was a little on the thin side, but there was good staying power. My roommate received the Olive color, we both were excited to get a full size product but she does not like green that much and I have a few black eyeliners, so we swapped. The olive is much thinner, needing a couple layers, and even using a finishing spray to lock in the colors on my eyes the green still wore off on my upper lid and did not last that long. Not thoroughly impressed by the product but I would give the brand another not if I had the chance.
July was overall a good month and now that I have insanely red hair the hair protector will come in handy, seeing how summer will last another few months here in Florida. 

August 2012 - (sample - brand - full size price)
  • Viva La Juicy La Fleur - Juicy Couture - $70 (2.5 fl oz)
  • Moisturizing Summer Glow - Comodynes - $20.98 (1.35fl oz)
  • Self-Tanning Towelettes - Comodynes - $13.99 (8 towelettes)
  • Makeup Remover Swab - Beauty Fixation - $5 (24 applicators)
  • Razor - Schick - $9.99 **Birchbox Find**

August was a little funky for me. This was not the box I was expecting to get (insert sorta bummed face here). I took a sneak peak at my box because it didn't get shipped out until the 11th or so, and the products I saw and got super excited for were not ones that I received. I did contact customer service, and all I got was thanks for the heads up. Usually they are more accommodating or friendly for that matter, but I just did a baseline review for the products I was supposed to receive just to get my BB points.
A main reason that I was really bummed was that in my original box i was meant to get a TILI Lip Blush, and really I got self tanner. If you all knew how pale I was you would know I cannot really use either product without it looking wonky on me. Yes, I know I live in florida, but I hate the beach and I work indoors. I have a slight florida sun kiss but it does not last long lol.
The makeup remover swab/q-tip things, are great! they're one time use and perfect if you wake up after a long night and you may have passed out without cleaning your face before you had the chance too. I am really paranoid about getting soap in my eyes, and these get in the little corners to clean up the stubborn eyeliner that doesnt want to budge.
The Birchbox Find, their new must have selection that EVERY box gets one of, was the new Schick Hydro Silk razor. It is nice, it is a razor, it shaved my legs, lol. If you didn't use yours, keep it for a back up or if you are going on a trip. I did not think that it was anything special, but it did the job it was meant to do.
Overall, August was a little meh. Not the best, and not the worst I have ever received. If anyone is looking for some high-end self tanner I can send you these lol.

There is good and bad news to wrap up this post.

The good news is that I have been selected to participate in the Naturals Vox Box coming out in a month or so. I have had a chance to participate in this before and it was great! the products were fun to test out and I am really looking forward to sharing with you guys all the fun natural goodies I get.

Bad news is at the moment I have bowed out from receiving my next few boxes. I'm taking some time off from a lot of my subscriptions, to save up some money for a possible move. There is a great opportunity for me to become 28 year old freshman, lol. Okay, it isn't as bad as it sounds. I really want to get my MLS, and there is a college up north that offers a 4 year program to work through your BA and get your MLS at the end of it. It works with the schedule I have set, I am already working in the field I am just looking to get the degrees to back me up! ^_~

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Not quite a cheeseburger..

..but it is Almost Paradise. This is one of those colors I was raving about getting a great deal on back in June.
Here is a look.

This is Deborah Lippman's Almost Paradise. It has a great formula, two coats and I am out the door. While I am not a big fan of pastel colors, this is one that I will put in my Keepers drawer. It is like the perfect color of a yummy slice of key lime pie! Here is a picture with some more indirect light, you can see more of the green in it.

If you have been following me you know that I love my green polish, and this is no exception! Not exactly a fall color but any other season this would fit in nicely.

Hmmm, now I could go for some pie ^_~