Monday, July 23, 2012

My inner geek is about to explode!

Every Labor Day weekend there is a gathering of the geeky masses in Atlanta, GA. For the past 25 years it is an event that is growing and the last few years I have attended the numbers of the masses looks like this, 2010 the attendance was right aroung 40,000 attendies. In 2011 it jumped up to 46,000, and this year they are projecting more that 50,000 people converging onto a 9-block radius in downtown Atlanta.

This event is known as DRAGON*CON!

No this isn't a ComicCon, or some anime convention, it is kind of the best of both worlds minus the big industry backing. You won't find Sony, EA, HBO, NBC, or any other BIG industry names. Dragon*con is more fan backed, it is the hard work of thousands of people, fans, geeks, whatever you want to call them, I personally like 'Those super awesome people that put on a super amazing convention that I would like to help out with someday' ^_^

When I say that this is a convention for everyone I really mean it. Whether you are into Star Wars, StarTrek, Zombies, Doctor Who, MMOs, Comics, Robots, LARPing, Sci-Fi books, Art, everything in between, this is for you! It is always a blast to go and see the costumes and the parties and all the AMAZING panels.

You can feel my excitement right?!

On top of all the fun thing above, each year they have a massive blood drive and each year they select a charity to donate to. Last year there were 2,900 blood donors resulting in, 2,750 units added to the Red Cross inventory. The charity Dragon*con donated to last year was the National Inclusion Project, the donations from convention goers reached over $40,000! This year they have selected the Georgia Chapter of the ALS Association. Both are a great way for the convention and attendees to give back during an awesome weekend, see it's not all about the parties!

I will be back to post more on past costumes and all the fun that is planned for this year coming up! ^_~

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