Sunday, July 29, 2012

Oh there you are!

I thought I lost you!

After a surprisingly long hiatus I think I'm back. I really had a few weeks there where I hated my computer and did not even want to sit down and even just browse the web. It actually made me nauseous to think about sitting here for a little bit to make a post. I know it sounds bad, but things were just kind of getting away from me. I blame my birthday, I still face that 1/4 life-crisis mentality and disappear for a while to regenerate and refresh.

The good news is that I am still accumulating nail polish and fun makeup while I've been gone. I still need to post my Birchbox stuffs! The bad news is, I will no longer be going to Dragon*Con, BUT I will recruit friends to bring back photos and great stories about it and I will share with you all of their fun. This last thing I am quite bummed about, but that gives me a whole year to get things ready for 2013!

I am getting ready for a gathering of old friends, but I am here and I will be back shortly. Keep an eye out tomorrow night for my favorite new lacquers ^_~

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