Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Job!

I know I have a habit of saying, "Hey! I'm coming back!", and then never coming back. This time is more ligit than I was just bored and never wanted to turn on my computer.

I got a new job! It is very exciting and it is slowing dawning on me that I have such a sweet gig. A major move from working circulation at a library. It is actually a career move, and puts me into a stable pstition to start school again. Stable schedule and money wise ^_^

What else has been new with me...

I finished playing with that VoxBox. I'm always so bad at doing their reviews in the time crunch they give you but I promise I'll be better. Even though I won't get credit on their end I will still post in about those products. Most of them were pretty alright, it just was not really the right VoxBox for me. I didn't have anything to do with a wedding this year, this year with all my friends is BABY TIME. My cousin just had the first grandkid. The LadyWench is about to burst at any moment, I'm still thinking the babes will go til the 8th, but I got a feeling she is going to give mom a rough ride all the way through, lots of surprises with that one. Then Becs is about 4 months in and just found out she is having a boy! (totally called that one!) So baby fever is going around, and no before anyone asks - I have no baby fever! One day, just not right now. Let me get settled into this job and then find the hubs and then the babes. Take it one step at a time.

Another thing I have found myself into is soap. I know, 'ugh another crafty hoe makin her crap and trying to sell it to us' but really it is kind of cool. Even if it is something on the side to use up spare smells I have around the house it'll be something nice and on the creative side of things. Outside of my phone/iPad, I don't get on the computer much at home so it is another outlet I have other than just sitting around the house watching bad reality tv (which I am very guilty of doing - a lot).
Right now I am not selling any, just playing with strength of scents and how much soap and ingredients I need/want. For smells right now I am using spare Imps I have from BPAL - Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. This place deserves it's own post, really it would take multiple posts to get everything out about this company, it is just that amazing! I was introduced to it years ago by the LadyWench and I haven't looked back. If you can think or hope to have a certain scent...they have it! From dirt to candy to the smell of a midway at a carnival to cthulu, they have it. Friendly to box sexes and they also have two other sister companies BPTP, home scents/soaps/accessories/tshirts, and TAL, more on the magical side/charged/ritual oils.  But like I said they all deserve single posts and I think that may be in the near future!
So back to what I was rambling about before. I'm playing with soaps and using spare smells that I have. I'm giving them away to anyone who will give me feedback. not really about what they smell like but how they smell, if that makes sense. lol. I'm looking at if you like the strength of the soap, is it too strong do I need to add more? so those are up for grabs and I can send them out as requested. I'm possibly looking into a kickstarter to get things going but that again is another post.

To keep me on the right track with getting this thing up and running, I'm going to purge any old nonsensical stuffs and freshen up the look. I am also going to get in the habit of getting to work a little earlier so I can post and work on this most days of the week. That making this a monday - friday blog but you may get some good nuggets in on the weekend too ^_~

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