Wednesday, December 4, 2013

November Favs!

Tis the season to share what I have been loving for the month of November. Personally I cannot wait for December, I know of a few things that are heading my way shortly and it will be a stellar month!

Lets get on to the good stuff!

The most wonderful thing about the month of November was getting a little package containing delicious smelling goodies from the Black Phoenix Trading Post! This is the sister company to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab that I have talked about briefly before, I know I owe them a full post...maybe after the yules get here. They do some perfume oils, but they also do hair gloss, atmosphere sprays, candles, bath oils, and other wonderful delights. Out of all the great things I picked out this month I am loving two of them the most. The first is the SILKYBAT Hair Gloss, the scent is 'Sentual Sugared Patchouli'. Oh man the amazing things that happened in my nose! I know my first thought when I hear patchouli is dirty hippy, but that is not the case. This is still has that patchouli body, but with a sweet twist to it. I do a couple sprays in my hair, tossel it around and I'm good to go. The scent has a great throw, and isn't too over powering. I wouldn't wear this with another scent, unless it really matched up well. This is something that I need to have year round, sadly this is a limited edition 'Weenie and they hair gloss does have a shelf life of 6 months. A full size is 4oz and this goes for $28.

Another smelly item that I picked up this month from BPTP was their perfume to commemorate All Hallow's Read 2013. If you would like to know more about what All Hallow's Read is, look HERE and let Neil Gaiman share with you. This scent is called All Hallow's Apple, this is fallen apples, grave moss, autumn leaves, and upturned earth. When I close my eyes and take a sniff, I can picture myself walking through an apple orchard, in october, fallen leaves and maybe a little mud from last nights rain. From the bottle to my skin there is not much change, it is so delicious and fresh and amazing! The apple isn't too sweet, and the leaves aren't too strong. This is definitely one of my top perfumes from BPTP or BPAL. Standard full size for all perfumes is 5ml in an amber apothicary bottle, and this scent will run you $23. Another thing to mention is that all proceeds of the sales for this perfume will benefit the CBLDF.

Next up I have a couple new lip products.
Last winter I fell in love with the EOS pods. I noticed that in a collection of those they had a blueberry one! I am a nut for anything blueberry, so I wanted to get my hands on it but I didn't want to buy a 3 pack when I'm only going to use one. I kept looking for it to come out in singles, because in my mind everyone loves blueberry so they need to have it in a single eventually and they did! Well it's blueberry/acai, but that is better than nothing. I still love these EOS pods and they are super moisturizing and all the vitamins and it's BLUEBERRY!

Another lip product that I am continuously amazed by is the tarte LipSurgence. My go to is the shade Lucky (another Birchbox find!). This month I got my hands on Energy. This is one of those self-adjusting products that I love. In the tube it has a slight pinky/milky hue to it, and on my lips it is a brighter glossy pink. I wasn't sure how this would act on my lips so I found it in a travel size kit. Now I can try this, the maracuja oil and a blush. I'm excited to try all the products but this one I am so thankful I have in my collection now. It still has that little minty touch to it, it is moisturizing, easy to apply, and the color is perfect!

The last lip thing I want to share is a similar product to the LipSurgence is Revlon's Colorburst Matte Balm in 225 - Sultry. This is a delightful, matte mauvey color. It is smooth, very pigmented, and has a little bit of a minty smell/taste to it. Not quite up to my love of tarte, but this it up there! I don't think that these are limited edition, but I will pick up another so that I have a backup when this one is gone. Another thing that I liked about this, is that I don't have anything close to this shade right now in my collection of lip stuffs, so I'm digging it.

I didn't run into too many nail colors that caught my eye this month. One collection that stood out to me was the Revlon Parfumerie collection. It is exactly what it sounds like...nail polish that smells like perfume. Well it is not just perfume, it smells of other things too, but nice things! I'm kind of digging myself into a hole with that one so lets get on with it. lol. The shade I picked up was the Wintermint color. First the scent, and you guessed it, it smells like mint! What this reminds me of, is when I'm rummaging around in my bag for some gum and my hand kind of smells like it afterwards. It is a very subtle minty smell that catches your nose when you least expect it. The one thing I don't like about any of the scented nail polishes that I have run across from this and other brands is that, in the bottle, they smell terrible! It is like they amp the chemically nail polish smell, but once they dry it is quite lovely. Now for the shade, this is a direct dupe for the Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Dream. This is a mint green, shimmery, almost sheer base with medium blue and small gold & blue glitters. I do not own the Deborah Lippmann shade, so this was a nice grab at $5.99.

Well that is November, I am already gathering things to share with you for December! I have a feeling this is going to be a pretty rad month. ^_~

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