Sunday, June 10, 2012

Birchbox June 2012

Well hello there ladies, and the occasional fella, it IS that time of month again. The best pink box a girl can buy, Birchbox!

I have to give myself a little pat on the back this month, I didn't peak at any videos or blogs about what they got until I had a chance to rip mine open. It only took me eleven months to gain this self restraint, lol.

Ladies, what is just as good as getting mine? Watching all of my friends who I have convinced to join get theirs and post all of the goodness. My roommate finally caved, so if I can sneak a peek I will let you know what was inside.

The June 2012 theme is Jet Set, products for the beauty maven on the go. The first thing I noticed about this box was the inside of the outside, if that makes sense. Here let me show you...

Fun, right? Now the items I received, other than being mini/sample/travel sized, are not overly jet setting but they are still great. A little bit of everything, including a fashionable zip-top bag that could be used at airport security...but it isn't clear, so it will stay at home holding some loose odds and ends. On that note, let me show you what else is inside.

A short rundown of the value of my box (product / size / value)
  • Ultra Rich Lip Tint  -  0.40 fl oz.  -  $ 19
  • Wonderlust Tonic  -  1 fl oz.  -  $ 4.30
  • LaFresh Nail Polish Remover  -  2 pads  -  $ 1.12
  • Stainiac  -  1.2 mL / 0.04 fl oz.  -  $ 2.54
  • tili  -  1 bag  -  $ 0.94
Total Value  -  $ 27.90

Weeee!! Check out my awesome new lip products. Those are the two things that I am the most happy about. The full-size Clark's Botanicals lip tint is the shinning star. Quite literally too, it is very sparkly and the color is not too bright. For me it falls into the lip gloss, but it is still pretty amazing either way.

I have swatches ready of the lip stuffs, and I cannot wait to let you know how the polish remover and Wonderlust work. Have a beautiful evening ^_~


  1. Thebalm Stainiac looks amazing! My box should bed here Monday! Nice pictures by the way!! I enjoyed checking out your blog found it on twitter!

    1. Thanks and wahoo for finding me! ^_^ I hope your Birchbox is full of fun goodies. Cannot wait to see what you got.