Friday, June 8, 2012

Lets all go Skinny Dipping!

While out restocking my supply of remover and cotton balls checked out what Sally Beauty Supply had for new colors. The first thing to catch my eyes were all of the neons! It looks like my favorite part of the 80's is back in full swing. I was only in the 80's for five years but those were the brightest 5 years of my life, lol.

I wanted to pick up a little bit of everything else I saw, but I did restrain myself. Just with ORLY there was a bunch. The Dark Shadows series, as well as the new Flash Glam FX. It's heavy on the glitter, a good mix of colors, shapes and sizes as well. It looks interesting enough, but I am trying to budget what I spend on polish and a new glitter is not what I need right now. But to round out all of the fun neon colors I do have, I snagged Skinny Dip from ORLY's Feel The Vibe collection.

See, it is not some crazy neon, but it is a bumped up blue. On top of that it has this subtle pearl touch to it. Like most in the Neon category of colors it ends with a satin, almost matte finish. So I used a top coat, and it did go on very thin. All together this is 4 coats, and I could have almost used another one of color if I was being picky.

We have had some crappy weather here the last few days so this is definitely something that brightens my day. This will be a fun color for the summer and I look forward to skinny dipping some more ^_~

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  1. Ooooh I really like the accent nail on this one!!