Thursday, June 7, 2012

KISS this

I have been running a little low on my handy dandy nail polish remover, so I have been getting creative. Last night after much thinking I remembered that when my mother send me a few of my things down she tossed in a pair of these Kiss Nail Dress 'fashion strips'.  I received a pair in my spring 2012 Influenster Box earlier this year in the pattern - Sexy (KDS10), It is your basic light gold/tan base and darker leopard pattern. This second pair I have is Bustier (KDS06)., it is black and silver floral pattern that is very textured. 

Now these are similar to the Sally Hansen Salon Effects, the one big difference is that Kiss Nail Dress strips have 28 strips, with plenty of sizes and shapes (each size has a square and a rounded edge). I have also noticed that the left overs of the Sexy pattern I have are still flexible, sticky and look like I can use them. They retail around $8 so this is a HUGE plus on saving some money, and almost doubles the value compared to other nail strips.

Bump, Bump It Up!

Positives - 
  • Very easy to use 
  • Both that I have tried are versatile patterns and can work with many outfits and ensembles
  • Layer it over a neon or another color to make it pop
  • They stick very well - I'm sure I could get a few solid days out of these (I NEVER get 10 days out of these things but it is a nice thought)
  • It is nice that you can save your spares and potentially use them at a later date, they would make a great accent nail.

Negatives - 
  • These run on the thicker side which can be hard to smooth on some of the non-textured patterns that need to be neat and clean
  • This pattern specifically is going to drive me a little crazy, the bumps on it are a significant size. I like a smooth nail, no top coat will ever fix this
  • Another irk about this pattern, it is a mixed pattern. While they are all silver/black/flowers, there are about 4 different patterns in the mix and it all depends on your nail size what you get and you hope that it looks good.

Now I was ready to talk smack about a horrible experience with the Broadway Nails stickers, but surprise these are the newer version of those! When the nail strips were newer on the market I was aching to get my hands on some, so I grabbed the first pair I could find. Well, it just happened to be Broadway Nails Nail Dress in Halter. They were horrible to put on, very stiff and very crease-y. I will happily eat some humble pie today to find out that these are the new/same/better versions of those and would definitely try out another pattern.

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