Thursday, May 17, 2012

Birchbox May 2012

It's that time of month again, Birchbox time of course!

This month was inspired by the chic styles of Gossip Girl. I am not the biggest fan of the show, I admit I only watched one season and during that season I got super into it, but it didn't catch my attention to the point that I was sitting on the edge of my seat to see what Chuck was going to do next season. Although, Chuck is sneaky and super stylish. Okay, okay, the show is good but I cannot handle another show to keep track of right now, maybe I will watch the last two seasons on DVD.

Anyway...The box is Gossip Girl inspired, and I received the 'Chic Sunday Brunch' box, well one of the varieties. This is what was inside:

Samples (brand, item, value):

  • Arquiste - L'etrog  -  $ 3.39
  • beautyblender - blendercleanser  -  $ 2.92
  • Color Club - Disco Nap  -  $ 4.00
  • Dr. Jart + - Waterfuse BB Cream  -  $ 1.13
  • twistband - Skinny Headband  -  $ 3.33
  • Extra - Notecard  -  $ 0.83

Total Value  -  $ 15.60

The best part of the box, Dr. Jart+ BB cream. Worst part of the box, the beautyblender - beautycleanser. The main reason I name that as my least favorite in the box, I don't have a beautyblender, and I totally want one!

The nail polish is great, but I'm not the biggest fan of gold. The only exception in Zoya - Jules, it is the softest, nicest gold, and I really dislike that color, I'm a silver/white gold/platinum kind of girl. The white tones look better on my skin than yellow, it's just a personal preference.

Surprisingly I LOVE the headband, but have lost it just as soon as I got it out of the box. doh! I know I hear crap from vlogs/bloggers about their hate and discontent towards Birchbox for even putting the same hair ties in the boxes. I, for one, love them. I still have and regularly use the one I received in my August 2011 box. I have large wrists so these are great and don't cut off circulation to my hands. I got a small silver one a couple months back and that one goes in and out with my other one. They are not as bad as people make them out to be.
Overall I liked my box, it was not the best nor the worst. It is just a jumble of things kind of thrown together. I'm happy to try some new things, and other things I'll throw into my swap night pile for next time. I'll be back soon to post the swatch for the polish and BB cream. ^_~

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