Saturday, May 12, 2012

NOOOOO! Don't run away just yet! ...again!

Oh my, time flies when you're having fun!

Well maybe it hasn't been all fun, but that is what I'm going to talk about ^_^

Things I have been up to and will post soon on:

  • I have been growing my own Jake!     ======================>>>
  • Me and a few of my girlfriends had super awesome girl-lets-swap-makup-and-stuff time. (I got sweet haul out of it and only brought home a few of my own things)
  • Lots of work. Life at the library can be so rough.
  • Got my Birchbox for the month! and I have a short post on my Influenster Palmolive box I received like a month ago. (I am normally not the one to hand wash the dishes so I had to give it time to get a good feel for it.)

I think that is really it. All of these I have pics and I will post on them soon. As well as swatches of the new polishes, and eye shadows that I picked up from the swap. So do not fret! I'm working on my Birchbox one right now, and maybe next month if I'm not so stuffy I'll even attempt making a video! Something I'm super nervous about, so we will see. 

I will be back shortly!

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