Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What time is it?

I'm a fan of cartoons for adults, that were made for kids. This is like the modern day Ren & Stimpy, and when I look back on how awesome I thought they were when I was a kid, now I look at them and think What The Frak was that?! I should not have been watching that, but it was AWESOME!

Now the kids/parents have Adventure Time!

I was turned onto this years ago and I have been slowly introducing friends and their kids to the show as well, and they ALL love it!

The two main characters are Finn (he's a 14-y/o boy with an active imagination) & Jake (his sidekick dog with super awesome powers), they live in the Land of Ooo (which is meant to be some post-apocalyptic land, and all the people are food!). These two go on amazing adventures and save princesses from the evil Ice King.

But enough of that, I was in the local toy store and I heard that they were coming out with action figures of Finn & Jake, so I wanted to check them out. Sadly all but the super large action figure of Finn (with interchangeable faces) was left and these amazing 'Grow your own Finn' & 'Grow your own Jake'

I picked up the Jake, with hope of really getting it to grow up to 500x his size! Here is the first photo.
Awesome right? LOL.
Now I know that this veers far from my makeup and lifestyle products that I said I was going to post all about but the geeky side of me could not let this go!

The journey of growing Jake...
Day 1

Day 4
Jake has been in and out of my sink for the last 4 days, and the package says that he will keep growing over the next week if I keep him in water.

When I first got him it was like holding an egg, this is how big he is compared to my hand.

Scary eyes!

I'll see how big he gets for the remainder of the week and I'll edit the post as needed. I'm hoping to make my way back and pickup Finn and see how big he gets. ^_~

*edit: I think jake as bit the dust. *insert sad panda face here* I've kept him in water this whole time and last night after work I picked him up and gave him a little squeeze to get the extra water off and he started to OOZE... I don't think that is normal >.< I'm going to see if he gets down to normal size again and maybe start over. I'll let you know if anything changes.

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