Friday, May 18, 2012

Hair Woes

About once a week Birchbox calls upon bloggers to answer a fun beauty question. Last week it was, 'What music do you listen to while you're getting ready for a night out?' This week they are asking, 'What is your biggest hair concern?'

Reminiscing over my recent hair adventures and the main thing I think of, right about the time the bleach/dye/ect. is already on my head, is, "How bad is my hair going to be damaged this time? Is this the time it all falls out?" Then I think about all the fun wigs I could get and I fall into acceptance with this possible outcome. About a week later I start to notice the damage. My hair is dry, starting to frizz, and it just does not look right. I need something to help smooth it and give some shine out without piling a whole bunch of product on it.

I had tried everything from balms to creams to oil treatments, and it wasn't til a few months ago that I found the most amazing product. Last October, Birchbox brought to me a little bottle of love, also known as Orofluido Elixer. This elixer is a wonderful blend of argon, linseed, and cyperus oils. The blend of oils makes hair stronger, shinier, and smoother for a beautiful soft look.

I like to put a few drops in my hands and tousle my hair just out of the shower to get a more wavy look. Once I have my hair styled for the day I take another drop just on my finger tips to help tame the flyaways. Right away I noticed a difference. After using it for a week my hair was less frizzy, softer, and more manageable. I went through the sample dram super fast and used my Birchbox points to get a full size! I use the full size to keep the dram full so I can take it with me in my purse.

Oh, did I mention how incredible this stuff smells? I would eat it if I could, it is a lucious amber and vanilla scent. I find myself putting a little extra and rubbing it into my hands just to keep the smell close. It soaks right in and doesn't leave you all greasy, and you smell amazing!

This reminds me, I'm starting to run a little low, it is about time to get a new bottle. ^_~

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