Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ladies Night!

Now this was a brilliant idea brought up by one of my girlfriends, Elan - the brilliant mind behind the Yay Laboritories! over your right...just a little bit further...yup that cute blue thing, now click on it, yeah that's the spot. ^_^

She was cleaning out her makeup/nail polish drawer and weeded doubles and things that she hasn't worn in a while. With a short, two days, notice I was able to go through my drawers of nail polish, makeup, and Birchbox goodies to bring two full Birchboxes filled with stuff (the boxes are like 4x6x2ish). One had all nail polish, some I was a little hesitant to let go of, and others I was happy to give away. The other was a full collection of samples I had received in my boxes over the last nine months. 

Between the four of us ladies we had a pretty good haul. Check it out.

After some pizza, wine and putting the men down for a movie, we got going. With lots of girl talk over men, babies, work and stuff, we passed things around this is some of what I made out with.

Nails --->

From left to right/top to bottom:
Nubar - 2010 / NerdLacquer - I Think You Call Me...Sexy / ULTA - Deck The Halls / Sally Hansen Gem Crush - 01 Showgirl Chic / Nicole By OPI - A Million Sparkles / Zoya - Ivanka , Meg , Reece

AMAZING! Not only did I get my first Nubar, it is 2010! Always a fan of more Zoya, and I lovethe sparkle of everything else. A new holo, a Dr. Who inspired color, and fun glitters.

The makeup --->
sorry for the darkness, you'll get better pics soon ^_^

I want to swatch everything! But one thing at a time, first the mineral makeup and then I'll be on top of the nails. I'm currently recuperating from a nail chomping movie night, just a few more days and I will be back in full swing.

I promise I am not going anywhere for a while I have 2 or 3 more posts that I'm currently working on, and they will be up as soon as I load all of the pictures. I will see you all tomorrow, and don't be afraid to add me to your follow list. I don't bite, hard ^_~

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