Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lava Lamp

I have been a very lucky girl to keep getting new nail polished in almost every birchbox. Back in April I had the pleasure of receiving Color Club's Lava Lamp. 

Lava lamp is a deep neon orange. Not too yellow, not too red. Like all neon this ends with a satin, almost matte, finish so a top coat is recommend but not necessary. It has good coverage, and all I needed was two coats.

The real fun of this super bright color is that it glows, under black light.I went to the Magic Kingdom recently and while on the Winnie the Pooh ride I had a surprise.

Blurry...yet satisfying!
The downside of this being a neon is that it is probably the most difficult color I have ever had to shoot. Holy cow! Instead of a traffic cone orange I was getting more red, closer to a stop sign. Finally the powers that be converged and I was able to get something between my cameras.

The light orange side

The stop sign side

The closest to the real color side - oh and me!

As you can see this color shifts depending on the light. I even tried to get a picture with the flash in a pitch black room, and my nails seemed to glow. This is a special color and I am definitely a fan!

I have been getting many compliments on how bright it is, yay! Hope you enjoy and I will see you tomorrow ^_~

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