Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Think You Call Me ... Sexy!

From the swap meet a couple weeks ago I was able to snag a hard to get NerdLacquer - I THINK YOU CALL ME ... SEXY. Why yes, it is a Dr. Who inspired nail polish!

Now I'm not too familiar with NerdLacquer, I have seen it around and on a few blogs but that is about it. The colors, and names, always seem fun and exciting so it is something I was curious about. I like the idea of these little indy brands coming up with their own colors and they are always something different from the mainstream. We have all see the trends each season, one brand will come out with pastels and then someone else comes out with the same pastels but for $5 more. Don't get me wrong, I love major brands and I do have my favorites, but it is nice to have something different once in a while.

I took a few pics with and without flash. I'm just getting the hang of taking macro pics with this new camera so I'm sure it will take me a few posts to tweak it and get it just right, so do forgive me if they are a little blurry and whatnot.

I Think You Call Me...Sexy is a glitter heavy, semi-transparent navy blue (aka. TARDIS blue). It took three coats to get full coverage. From the look of the bottle I thought there was going to be more large silver glitter, I was a little disappointed. I did manage to get a few large pieces on each nail, but I think the side of the bottle ate most of it. There is a bunch of medium silver and blue glitter, with small red and silver glitter.
In the right light, the red glitter almost makes the nail look purple. It is not super noticeable, but when I have been staring at my nails for 3 days to get this review right, lol, you can see the color shift.

I'm going to make this my nail week, so from here til next Wednesday I will be reviewing what I picked up from the swap and anything new that has come across my path ^_~

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